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TradePoint desktop is one of the most trusted charting platforms with many advanced features and scanners that facilitate… Learn More


Opstra is an options analytics platform comprising of several tools that help to find, analyse and track options trading opportunities…. Learn More

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This is the web version of TradePoint; Innovative yet simple web analysis platform with some additional… Learn More

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What They Say About Us

Akaash Bansal @thepnfway

All credits to @Definedge & team & to my Guru @Rajran06 & others from #DE from whom I have learnt. I am their student only & wish to remain the same. still learning like you only.
Thanks. Nice analysis & charts. Keep it up.

Manu Sood @shrimanusood

@ap_pune @PrashantShah267 Don't have words to express my gratitude to team definedge and specifically to you gentlemen for making my trading objective and ofcourse profitable. God willing will definately meet someday and express my gratitude in person.

Madhavan Sridharan @madav1401

The PMOX indicator is very very sexy. Hats off to you guys @Prashantshah267 @ap_pune I see that TradePoint will be a gold standard for noiseless charts globally in the near future @Definedge

TradeBees @bees_trade

To be frank.. OPSTRA is ever evolving.. thats the most i loved about @Definedge tools and Team of experts Been a fan of evovlving with the market being a Naked option Seller in 2011 to An Option Strategiest till date only through those evolving nature (Learning & surviving)

Diwakark Pandey @DiwakarkPandey

This is what happened when you put value in products and value your customers. No flashy sales, no vague promises. I have never seen any other fintech who explains the limitations of their own products better than @Definedge team.

Tarakesh @tarakeshNc

People started as a broker and tried to add value to the business by providing innovative products. You are doing the other way. Built a very good product and now venturing into the brokerage business. Congrats and Best of luck!

Indian @MakBook_Indian

Had a superb interaction with @Rajran06 Sir. Had more than 24 minutes of interaction. He patiently answered all my queries & guided to free material at website. No sales pitch for any @Definedge product. Rare to see this kind of dedication. Hats off.

RK BLR @blr_rk

Thank you @Definedge for this wonderful TOI. Almost 1000 points of BN was never this smooth ever. Special note of thanks to @ap_pune for your continous teaching efforts, without which we normal retailers can't be this effective. CC @PrashantShah267

Manish Dhawan @MysticWealth11

 Such is life that, A couple of free webinars on Opstra @Definedge done by @Raghunath_TL are worth more than a lot of exorbitantly priced option workshops in town.

Arvind @Polaris_PnF

@Definedge @PrashantShah267 @ShahVinayV TradePoint is best Charting Software available in India with Great Scanner, Indicator, Tools. Only 1 Problem Definedge team to sort out at the earliest is to write about scanner, tool or indicator once added to the software.

    New to Definedge? We have answers.

    Log in to the TradePoint and go to Scanners → EOD Scanners/Real-time Scanners/Smart Scanners/Indicator Diggers

    Log in to the TradePoint and go to Matrix → Ultimate P&F-RS Matrix/ Ultimate Renko-RS Matrix. Press on the “Scan” button to get best perfoming sectors.

    In Backtesting, EOD data is available since 2016.
    In Simulator, Intraday Backtesting data (with minimum timeframe of 5mins) is available since January 2019.

    There is no such structural difference between the portfolios, they are separated for categorization purposes of the strategies to be saved.

    Yes. Click here to know more about our sessions.

    Trusted by more than One Million Subscribers and Counting