• Market Leader in Noiseless charting platform
  • Plot Real-time F&O charts in any format including P&F, Renko, Line Break, Heikn-ashi, Candlesticks, Bar chart. EOD platform for NSE & MCX 
  • State of art scanning engine to identify trading & investment opportunities
  • Build trading systems using patterns & indicators on all types of charts and Back-test. 
  • Best in class features to analyse Relative Strength & market Breadth 
  • Multiple OI, PCR & Straddle / Strangle, Multi-leg Options charts
  • Place orders directly from charts and scanners & track positions


  • Best in class Options Strategy Builder 
  • Options Portfolio feature to track and analyze the options trades
  • Options Backtester to assess Options strategy
  • Plot Multiple Open Interest Charts, Options Chain for Price, Volume, OI and Option Greeks data
  • Options Simulator for strategy simulation and back-testing
  • Options Algorithm, and Options trade finder
  • Futures Buildup feature to gauge underlying sentiment
  • Heat-Maps to track broad market / sector trend

TradePoint Web

  • Online version of Tradepoint, market leader in Noiseless charts 
  • Plot EOD charts of NSE, MCX & Currency & Real-time F&O charts
  • Plot any chart type including Bar, Line, Candlestick Charts & the entire gamut of noiseless charts
  • The first platform in the country offering Log-scaled P&F & Renko charts
  • Build Systems & Back-test them on all types of charts
  • Best in class tools for Relative Strength, Straddle, Strangle and Ratio charts. P&F Matrix, RS Matrix & Ultimate Matrix to get a comprehensive view about instruments & their relative performance.
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Mutual Fund Chart Analysis on TradePoint Web (FREE)

A revolutionary method to analyse and select Mutual Fund schemes for Investment or SIP. Price analysis on all types of charts, Relative Strength, Matrix tables and Breadth analysis of Mutual Fund schemes. 

You can now design objective Investment Systems for your MF portfolio decisions. So you can invest in the outperformers and exit the underperformers!

Mutual Fund schemes have a single price (NAV), they don't have Open, High, Low and Close prices. Noiseless charts require single price to plot. Hence, MF schemes can be analysed using important properties of these charting methods. We are happy to make it available for people in India and offer objective methods of analysing Mutual Fund schemes. 

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@Definedge @Prashantshah267 and @Raghunath_TL Just Like Bull Market, @Definedge does has strong members contributing 100% with their exp and knowledge.. @Definedge will continue to outperform all other. Huge potential upside... Just waiting to increase my capital for proper trading a...


I learnt d basics n it took me a year to find my Alma mater @Definedge. Now I have a defined trade plan n process on which I have to work upon with d disciplined mindset. I sincerely thank my Gurus @srvithal388 @rajran06 @Techtrail @kaushikaki @sagarjaju and my friends @dtbhat  ...


@Definedge @Prashantshah267 @Techtrail @srvithal388 @ap_pune @MANGESH_PNF it has been almost 4 months since I completed pathsala course and from there it has been continous learning from free trainings ,telegram channel . Loved the 3P's of definedge People,process and platform .


@Definedge @Prashantshah267 @ap_pune @rajran06 : Thanks for sharing the knowledge (#E-DECNOCH 2020) and explaining in detail. You guys are so much caring and sharing very minute valuable information to the small traders. # Keep up the good work # indexoptions by @ap_pune rocks. ...


A homegrown Indian trading firm providing top notch software. Can't get better than this. Will always be a consumer of your services and will endorse your products. Great team in the form of AP sir and KK sir. @ap_pune @Techtrail

Laksh KalyanramanTwitter

I have burned money in attending multiple trading courses and most of them resulted in no use.  I can vouch anywhere, this is one of the best webinar course I have attended. In fact I have already recovered the course fee in last two days of trading. Big thanks to both  @⁨Raju ranjan⁩ @⁨B krishnakumar...


@ap_pune The simple stratergy from #Abhijitsir is so great ... U just can visualise so clearly. The greatest art is always simple. Thanks #deconah2020 @Prashantshah267 sir u got a Navratna in ur jewel. For prashant sir no words can be used It's just salute

Deppak RTwitter

Seriously they are doing an amaIng job. All thanks to defineedge and @Raju Sir Definege @B.Krishnakumar . Thanks alot

Ramesh KulaveTwitter

I would second that. Both of you were phenomenal during the session, but you beat that hollow post session.

Vaibhav PandeyTwitter

I haven’t in my life met gurus like Kk sir and Raju sir. They are the kind of mentors you need if you wish to get better at trading. The 2 day training covers everything you need and the post training support, which is not even advertised is where you continue to gain and grow post the trainings. Both the sirs ar...


Very big thanks to my guru @Prashantshah267 and @Definedge team for providing full support. I had spend quality time and discussion with Prashant sir to create my trading plan. His motivation way is mind blowing. @MANGESH_PNF thanks for teaching how to trade NF/BNF with Renko.


That the reason , I feel proud , I am connected with @Definedge team. This time two new surprise #Algoplatform #multilegforPnF 


@Definedge @Prashantshah267 @shahvinayv @rajran06 @ap_pune @sagarjaju you guys have best customer support I have ever seen for any product company. Sagar supported 2 hours on sat to fix my issue. Thanks a lot Sagar


Honoured to have learned from Definedge Team. Prashant Sir, AP Sir. You guys are my Rockstars. May this be just the beginning to becoming the biggest community in the world. My day starts and ends with Tradepoint


Informative Day from team @Definedge and sessions by @MuktaDhamankar @PriteshFCB @ap_pune @Prashantshah267 @KAnantrao were standing out Saturday spent right #EDECNOCH2020 #definedge


Congrats @Prashantshah267 @ap_pune @Techtrail @rajran06 - this is a grt news & running a trading platform in India itself is a big task - let alone successfully. Kudos to everyone working behind the scene. We all know that it is just the is yet to come


@Raghunath_TL @ap_pune @Definedge E-Decnoch 20, nice line up and good content. Always wanted to attend but with online conference finally attended. Kudos to team for making great content available at affordable price to retail traders. Keep up the good work more power to you guys


Take a bow team @Definedge for a superb event- one of the best I've attended. Next time make it a 2 day one- hopefully Residential to cover more and encourage more interaction amongst successful practitioners.


@shahvinay @ap_pune Tradepoint software by definedge is awesome and very good...U had confusion between spider and Tradepoint ..after lot of research I decided to go with decision is right.. 


The people @Definedge have Defined Edge knowledge. Not ur single query remain unresolved with @NileshKhumkar ,the disciplined man in such undisciplined price bourse.


Good to see the book on Renko by Prashant Shah trending gradually.. See picture @Prashantshah267 @shahvinayv @Definedge .. Couldn't resist posting and tagging you all


Totally amazing. Some day i see Definedge being used as popularly worldwide as we see in India today @Prashantshah267 @ap_pune @shahvinayv


Without hesitation my recommendation is @Definedge - been their customer for almost 2 years now. Great product; brilliant team; extraordinary service... They aren't too expensive... totally worth every paisa you pay for.. go for it... @ap_pune @srvithal388 @Prashantshah267 ...


What a program arrange by @Definedge . #Decnoch2019 is the Biggest program for me. Many new things learn from here. Everything is so perfect & beautiful.I am very excited to applied Raju sir T20 setup. So many many thanks for. @ap_pune @Prashantshah267 @rajran06 @Techtrail


Back to home after an excellent learnings at #Decnoch2019, congrats team @Definedge for wonderful organisation of event. You guys rock.. p.s: you can start separate event organisation co too. ;)


Many congratulations and may the next one be 6000 sq ft. This is a motivation for all of us. it teaches us what you can achieve with hard work, dedication and discipline. All the best.


Enjoyed attending #Decnoch2019 and got to listen very interesting talks on PnF and z-trend. I presented a new options tool called Options Simulator using which you can back test any options strategy visually with 5min data. @Definedge @ap_pune @Prashantshah267 @zzzune  


An amazing and crazy expiry !! With great trades comes great results. Amazing knowledge shared at the Traders Nest @Definedge from @ap_pune @MANGESH_PNF @Prashantshah267 @sagarjaju ….Waited till the end, Even 0.5 has a value !!! #LevelsSpeakVolumes


Great First Day of #EDECNOCH2020 Got to learn lot of new avenues from all the presenters. Will keep some in the knowledge bank and apply some in my strategies. Keep it up @rajran06 @abhijitbhate @MuktaDhamankar @srvithal388 @KAnantrao @PriteshFCB @Definedge @Prashantshah267 ...


Thank you everyone @Definedge, you guys are so genuine & so much caring and giving. I have known the team only for the last 15 months or so but I havent witnessed an event wherein they have not given something back to the attendees apart from the value/knowledge #EDECNOCH2020


E DECNOCH 2020 d first day was amazing with great mentors. D topics covered was really mind blowing . Lot of learning n felt worth taking a days leave from office. Will sit n work on d strateies by @MuktaDhamankar @srvithal388 @abhijitbhate @rajran06 @PriteshFCB n vijay


Congratulations @ap_pune @Prashantshah267 @shahvinayv and team. One of the very few companies which focuses hard on their client’s success rather than just making money. May this journey grow to the greater heights


I am very new to pnf, being a wave theory practiner for years , the first thing that caught me was the importance of anchor column , pattern and follow through. Thanks to @Definedge. They made me watch market from different angle.


By far the most articulate and engaging presentation @MuktaDhamankar The moderator does a good job of connecting the dots @Definedge


Indeed a very good and interactive session! Got insights from the fellow traders about the challenges they face and ways to overcome those. Also very down-to-earth and approachable experts @ap_pune @Prashantshah267 @MANGESH_PNF @shahvinayv


Attended noiseless trading workshop over the weekend at @Definedge Excellent experience, two days well spent. Depth of knowledge @Prashantshah267 and @rajran06 have makes the difference. Thanks for sharing your knowledge


P And F charts are noiseless but the way it is taught is super noiseless.retailers who do random trading using technicals should shift to P and F charts it’s completely objective and discipline is inbuild in the system thanks @Prashantshah267 @ap_pune @shahvinayv @Definedge


A day when you wish to have extended #Trading hours.... #TradePoint - Brilliant software to find trading opportunities noiselessly by @Definedge

Michael CharlesEmail

Hello Definedge Team         Below is the feedback :     "The online traders nest sessions was very informative and interactive. Teachers (Raju, Prashant,AP) explained all the concepts clearly with examples. There w...


Solid brand and Team of Masters, who have inspired many traders. Best wishes for your future journey. Keep Growing


@ap_pune @Prashantshah267 Congratulation to your team, it's persistence, belief and passion. Wish you guys even more bigger and enviable successs


Amazing market pathshala program by @Definedge ! Great course content and great teachers who patiently went ahead in making it easy to understand. Special thanks to @srvithal388 @Techtrail @Prashantshah267


Experience @ Traders Nest @Definedge Overall amazing experience. Team is extremely good, knowledgeable & helpful. Morning motivation & post market meditation help psychologically. Tradepoint software is top notch. Bunny out of the hat for me is Multiple open Interest Charts.


Beats 'foreign' authors with its rich, deep & 'local' content AND yet very easy to understand - makes it just awesome!! Wish I had got this much earlier, before losing so much of money in trading or wasting in seminars and paid calls. 2/2 @Prashantshah267 @Definedge @ap_pune


A big thank you to the entire @Definedge team for keeping us engaged for 2 full days. Really educating and informative. While all sessions were excellent, a special word for @Raghunath_TL. The amount of efforts that he is putting in bringing in first-of-a-kind product (1/2)


Super Duper. A team that consists of not only the most intelligent people but also the ones who have the highest of integrity, deserve this progress very rightfully. Congratulations and All the Best. @ap_pune @Prashantshah267 @Raghunath_TL @rajran06


After attending program i can clearly say with no doubt that @Definedge @Prashantshah267 @ap_pune @sagarjaju is most honest, transparent, dedicated and most value giving training company.


#TradePoint is Out of this world Software there is no doubt on this. We all are just following what all has been taught by @ap_pune ,@Prashantshah267 ,@Techtrail ,@rajran06 ,@MANGESH_PNF on this amazing software.


Thank you @Definedge for arranging wonderful conference today. Really enjoyed and learned a lot through lively sessions of all the speakers! Awesome support from @sagarjaju as always! Wishing great success to the team in future @Prashantshah267 @ap_pune @rajran06 @Techtrail


My search has finally come to the end today as completed the online pathshala program by @Definedge team. It is fabulously designed and I have learned a lot of things...and many more to be explore.The mentrors @srvithal388 @Techtrail @Prashantshah267 are amazing Thanks to all


Too good @ap_pune sir. Indeed an ocean of knowledge shared by @Definedge team. Web version is also awesome. For beginners I do recommend using it. It is better than some of the popular websites in many aspects


It was fortunate to be at #TraderNest and Share View with Participants and trade as per system.. Few Awesome trade today was -- BNF CE ,PVR, Mrf, Kotak Mahindra Bank , Bank Nifty Future .. System, system and only System works.. Just Loved it .. @Definedge @ap_pune

Navneet KapoorEmail

Here is my Feedback for On-line Traders Nest :  Thanks to whole Define-edge team for bringing out On-line Nest Version . After attending Training in pune in July this year , i have been exploring tradepoint and reading books of Prashant Bhai .  I was always planning to join Nest but ...

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