• Go to Option menu. Click on Manage Data and Select My Market.


 step 2

  • You can upload EOD and Intraday data in CSV file.
  • Select date format as per requirement.
    step 3  

 step 4
  • When you save, a folder will be created with the name 'MyMkt' in TradePoint folder 
srep 5
  • Paste as many CSV files in the Date-Open-High-Low-Close-Volume format in the 'MyMkt' folder.
step 6
  • Ensure correct date format and don't keep any number zero or negative
  • User will be able to see the market and file names in the chart opening window
  • All charts of these data files can be used for further analysis. 
step 7

 step 9
  • Same files can also be used for the Back-testing
step 10