• : December 1, 2020
  • : Prashant Shah

Average return

If I want to know return of stocks during last week, I can find that in TradePoint using Performance table (Table -> Performance Table).

I get to know from above table that return of Nifty during last week is 1.60 %. I can run above table on Nifty 50 group and find the return of all stocks in Nifty 50 index.

How if I want to know “Average Return” Nifty 50 stocks?

Information 1: ROC% indicator shows the return of any stocks over period defined.
Information 2: You can know average reading of any indicator in “Indicator Value” table (Table -> Indicator Value).

If parameter for ROC% indicator is 1, it will show us return over last candle. Go to Table -> Indicator Vale.

Average reading will tell us the Average return of stocks during last week.

We will add average return in performance table as well. But purpose behind explaining above steps is to make you think about indicators and this feature.

How about knowing average RSI reading in a group stocks? Average Disparity %? Average ATR% to know average volatility?