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Prashant Shah, one of the prominent Point & Figure analysts, has presented a wonderful method in the simplest possible way. His approach of making things objective and rule-based has lent a new dimension to the world's oldest charting technique. 

This is a comprehensive book on trading and analysis using the Point and Figure methodology. The concepts are explained with many real-life chart examples from the Indian market. 
A peek into what you will find: 
  • What is a Point & Figure chart and how to plot it? 
  • Basic and advanced price patterns with numerous chart examples, trading rules for all patterns. 
  • Simple and effective ways to identify trend. 
  • How to use P&F counts to arrive at high-probability price target. 
  • How to use traditional tools and indicators in P&F charts. 
  • High probability patterns to capture momentum stocks and sectors. 
  • Objective method to identify market outperformers using Relative Strength. 
  • A few indicators developed, by the author, exclusively for P&F charts. 
  • 20-years of Back-testing results of P&F patterns providing interesting market insights. 
Both experienced as well as novice can benefit from the concepts discussed. A thorough understanding of the contents of the book would help the reader reduce the noise and achieve consistent success in markets using the Point & Figure charts.

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Profitable Trading with Renko Charts

One of the oldest and most popular Japanese charting methods, Renko can be used to profitably trade all types of financial markets and instruments - and over any time frame.

Renko offers traders many unique and unmatched advantages over other charting methods. This comprehensive book provides step-by-step guidance, from the basics of Renko charts to advanced methods of analysis and trading, keeping in mind Indian market characteristics. 

  • What a Renko chart is - and how to plot it
  • How to use the traditional tools of technical anlaysis on Renko charts
  • Thorough description and analysis of major price patterns in Renko, along with examples and trading rules for each
  • How to use the unique features of Renko charts to identify strong sectors and strong stocks to trade
  • How to profit from the unique Renko chart indicators
  • How to effectively use Renko charts across multiple time frames
  • Tested and effective trading strategies for all kinds of markets, with rule-based entry and exit criteria
  • 250+ charts and examples from Indian markets.
This book will help both experienced and novice traders to profit from this very powerful system.

Prashant shah is one of India's top practitioners of "noiseless charts." In this comprehensive book, he reveals all the tips and tricks of profitable trading with Renko charts that he has mastered over the years.

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