• : November 20, 2021
  • : Definedge Team
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Get ready for Definedge’s Mega event on Objective & Noiseless Trading!


How this course will help you!

There are a variety of methods when it comes to trading or investing and even more people doling out advice on both. To complicate things further, there exist various methods of analysis and opinions which can be confusing and distracting in this age of information overdose. We call these distractions as “Noise” as they distract you from focusing on the important aspects of trading. Noise can also trigger emotional trading, over-trading or clueless trading, leading to sub-standard results from trading or investing.

Over the years, we at Definedge, have developed several concepts that are very methodological, logical and lead to positive outcome. We call this “Noiseless Trading” techniques as they help you focus and make trading a peaceful and stress-free activity.  These concepts are taught in our online courses and training programmes.

Taking this initiative forward, we are pleased to announce Online Definedge Market Pathshala programme.  This is an important step in the field of education and mentoring that transcends beyond workshop and live market trading sessions. This is a structured 10-day training programme that includes training, mentoring and explanation of concepts with live market examples.

The training program is divided in three parts: Subject knowwledge, practical trading and improving on stock selection.

Trading systems, chart analysis and trading option strategies will also be covered in the program. 


Here are the key take-aways of the program!

  • Training sessions are divided in 10 chapters.

  • Programme starts from Saturday with first chapter followed by implementation and explanation in live market on Monday.

  • Monday onwards, subsequent chapters will be explained every day during market hours. This will be followed by live-market examples and assignment during live market the following day.

  • All chapters will be explained over the 10-days with live market examples.

  • During last two days, the participants will be executing their own Trade Plan and the focus will be on execution of the plan and how to deal with practical aspects of trading.

  • You will gain lot of insights on market analysis and trading from experienced mentors.

  • This program would help you develop a better understanding of noiseless charts.

  • You will learn what it takes to be a successful trader by managing your trade in volatile market conditions.

  • You will develop an understanding of market conditions so that you will make gains not only from trading but also from NOT trading by stepping aside!

  • We offer a complete hand-holding until you are confident to implement the learning successful. 

The ten-day course is a complete journey from confused speculator to a competent Noiseless Trader

We cover System trading, setup trading, behavioural finance and money management aspects during the session that will make you trade and type of markets on your own.

Course Duration

10-day course with life time support!

Topics covered

  • Basics of Candlestick, Point & Figure, Renko

  • How to identify & trade patterns on these charts

  • High probable and well tested price formations and trade setups

  • How to identify low-risk trade setups

  • Advanced chart patterns

  • How to deal with pattern variations

  • Live Market Setups

  • Trend identification and projection techniques

  • Innovative Setups

  • Relative Strength

  • Breadth analysis

  • Indicator analysis

  • How to use it with Bar, Candlestick and other charting methods

  • Back-testing

  • System Designing

  • Developing a system that suits you psyche!

  • Individual Trading Plan and Journal maintaining tools. 

Trade any market/instrument on any timeframe with age-old noiseless method turned advanced and objective


20th November 2021 to 29th November 2021


Non Market days: 11am to 05pm
Market day: 10am to 04pm



Please note

Online videos of many concepts discussed during the course are available at Insight.definedge.com
At times, we will ask you refer to them before discussing those topics

Focus of Pathshala will be on execution and practical aspects of trading, investment, options trading, intraday and positional setups.



Mentor team

Vitthal Shinde
Abhijit Phatak
Raju Ranjan
Raghunath Reddy



Rs. 14,500/- + GST 18%

(Above investment includes 10-days Real-time TradePoint software)


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