Mutual Fund schemes have a single price (NAV). They don’t have Open, High, Low and Close prices. Hence, daily candlestick or bar charts can be constructed of Mutual Fund data. Line charts can be plotted with that data. 

Noiseless charts such as Point & Figure, Line-break, Renko, Kagi etc require only single price to plot. Hence, Mutual Fund schemes data can be plotted on these charts and they can be analysed using important properties of these charting methods. It also gives us opportunity to perform Relative strength and Breadth analysis of Mutual Fund schemes. We are happy to make it available for people in India.

All Mutual Fund scheme data is now available on TradePoint Web. 
  • You can view chart of all Mutual Fund data.
  • You can create objective investment systems using indicators and patterns on different charting methods for MF schemes.
  • You can back-test your systems on different charting methods.
  • You can perform Relative Strength analysis of different schemes keeping any equity index as a benchmark.
  • You can plot Ratio, Relative Strength etc charts on different charting methods on Mutual Fund schemes.
  • You can run Matrix scanners such as Price Matrix, Relative Strength Matrix, Fusion Matrix, Ultimate Matrix on Mutual Fund schemes.
  • You have ready groups of different Mutual Funs schemes to analyse. You can create your own group as well.
  • Breadth indicator on any charting method can be plotted on Mutual Fund scheme for sentiment analysis.
  • You can view performance of Mutual Fund schemes on different timeframes.

All these available for FREE

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