Tradepoint Desktop

New Features in TradePoint release

Introducing the next feature update to TradePoint Desktop

We are glad to announce the new feature release to add value to our customer experience. This blog will help you locate these features in our software.

Volatility Expansion Scanner

Select any chart
Click “Add Study” and Select “Patterns/Tools”
Select “Home – Tent lines”
Click “OK”

Color option given while adding the patterns

Select any chart
Click “Add Study” and Select “Patterns/Tools”
Select “Color” of your choice and click “OK”

Intraday Pivot point tool added in all types of charts (Tools -> Intraday tools)

Select any FNO chart
Click “Tools” and Select “Intraday Tools”
Select “Intra Pivot”
Click on “View” to change chart time frame

OHLC price% conditions added in system builder

Click “Back Testing” and Select “System Builder”
Select “OHLC chart” and click “Add” for System List
Click “Add” for System Builder and select “Price Percentage” as an indicator

System builder conditions related AMA, Stochastic RSI and MFI are added

Click “Back Testing” and Select “System Builder”
Select any chart and click “Add” for System List
Click “Add” for System Builder and select “AMA / Stochastic RSI / MFI” as an indicator

Volume added in OI table (Table -> Open Interest Analysis)

Click “Table” and Select “Open Interest Analysis”
Select “Scrip Group” “Time Frame” and “Bar”
Click on “Scan”

Intraday Previous High, low, close lines added in intraday tools (Tools -> Intraday tools)

Only active scrips will be shown in the EOD scanner output

In EOD Scanners, we now have only active scrips. All inactive scrips will not be part of this scanner list.

Data repair feature modified

Failed to download NSE/MCX Data for 5 or more days at a stretch? Now there is no need to manually delete NSE and MCX files from the TradePoint folder and download again. This process is now automated and software will take care of the whole process.

Excited for all these new features?

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