• : June 15, 2021
  • : Definedge Team
Introducing the next feature update to TradePoint Web

We are glad to announce the new feature release to add value to our customer experience. This blog will help you to locate these amazing features in our software.

New Version of D-Sectors

Charts for breadth indicator and PMOX reading added.

Where to find?
Click on “Research” icon on the upper right panel
Then click on “D-Sectors”
Then click on “Scan”

Bullish Percent Breadth Indicator
Bullish Percent is one of the oldest breadth indicators. It was developed by A.W. Cohen in 1955.

Where to find?
Click on “Research” icon on the upper right panel
Click “Breadth” on the left panel
Select “Bullish Percent” in “Breadth” and “Market” of your choice
Then click on “Scan”

AMMA Indicator
AMMA is combination of Adaptive Moving average and Moving average indicator.

Where to find?
Select any chart
Click on “Indicator” icon on upper right panel
Select “AMMA Indicator”

Ratio RSI Indicator
Where to find?
Select  “Bar, Line or Candlestick” chart
Click on “Indicator” icon on upper right panel
Select “Ratio RSI Indicator”

Intraday Lines shifted to Auto tools
Where to find?
Select  “P&F, Renko or Line-break” chart
Click on “Auto tools” icon on upper right panel
Select “Intraday lines”

Top-Down approach & Multi-denominator scanner
WhereOption to select Top-down approach or Multiple denominators added. Top-down scanner is will scan group v/s Denominator 1 and Denominator 1 v/s Denominator 2. Multi-denominator will scan Group v/s Denominator 1 and Group v/s Denominator 2. 

Where to find?
Click on “Research” icon on upper right panel
Click “Scanner” on left panel and select “Top Down Approach Scanner”
Select Market, Group, Denominator1 & Denominator2
Then click on “Scan”

Click on the below link to get started!