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Get ready for Definedge’s Online Three-day Mega-Training event on Trading & Investment using Noiseless Charts!



How this course will help you!

You are interested in making your investments work for you or you won’t be reading this. Whether experienced or a novice, it is very important to know when to trade or not trade, deal with noise and achieve consistency to become successful in trading. With over a decade in the field of Technical Analysis & Noiseless charting category, we have simplified things so you learn noiseless trading.

There are many methods of trading or investing in the market and even more, people doling out advice on both. To complicate things even more, there exist various methods of analysis and opinions which can be confusing and distracting. We call these distractions “Noise” as they prevent you from focusing on important aspects and can lead to emotional trading, over trading, or clueless trading which prevents you from achieving the positive results you are expecting.

At Definedge we have extensive experience in successful trading and investment. Over the years we have developed techniques that are very methodological, logical, and lead to positive results. We call these “Noiseless Trading” techniques as they help you focus and make trading a peaceful stress- free activity. Noiseless trader is efficient, smart and achieves the results he wants every time.

Your takeaway!

  • You will completely change for the better -the way you trade and invest!

  • Your understanding of charting techniques will make you an expert on P&F charts

  • You will learn what it takes to be a successful trader by managing your gains even in volatile market conditions

  • You will develop an understanding of market conditions so that you will make gains not only from trading but also from NOT trading!

  • We offer complete hand-holding till you be able to implement the learning successfully

  • One day live trading session

Who should do this course?

If you have basic knowledge of stock market functioning, and you wish to learn complete trading to improve your investment and trading decisions, you should grab this opportunity! The knowledge is applicable to any type of market including stocks, commodities, currencies and any type of time-frame. Strategies for very short-term intraday trading to momentum and long-term investing will be discussed.


What you will learn in our course

  • You will gain a lot of insights into market analysis and trading from our years of experience and expertise in the market

  • The three-day course is a complete journey from a confused speculator to a competent Noiseless Trader

  • The course commences with the basics of charting techniques and slowly proceeds to the understanding of advanced patterns and system designing

  • Our course is customized to suit individual trading styles. We do this by using a questionnaire to keep a track of your learning curve and your style of trading

  • We cover System Trading, Setup Trading, Behavioral Finance, and Money management aspects during the session that will make you trade any type of market on your own

  • We also gear you up to handle different types of market situations, unusual events, and emotional trading by sharing different methods and techniques to ready you for the same

  • We also equip you to bring objectivity to evaluate all observations before deciding on the implementation of them

Course Duration 3-day with lifetime support

Topics covered

Day 1 :

  • Know Point & Figure charts

  • How to identify & trade patterns on these charts

  • High probable and well-tested price formations and trade setups

Day 2 :

  • Advanced formations

  • Trend identification and projection techniques

  • How to identify low-risk trade setups

  • Relative strength

  • Index trading SAR system

  • Options trading setup

  • Breadth analysis

  • Combine all & design setups that suit your approach

  • Individual Trading Plan and Journal maintaining tools

Day 3 :

  • Live trading with trading plan

Trade any market/instrument on any time-frame with age-old noiseless method turned advanced and objective

Date & Time
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Mr. Vithal Shinde


Rs. 14,500/- + GST 18% (Above investment include course materials, 6-month EOD or 1-month Real-time TradePoint software)
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