Online Traders Nest


We conducted the Two batches of the Online Traders’ Nest and it was extremely well received by the participants. Traders Nest in our office in Pune and the Online Traders’ Nest are our efforts to educate traders in various theoretical and practical aspects of the market in a Live environment.

The idea has caught up very well, and more than 1000 traders have participated from all over India till now. They have gone back after learning a lot of new concepts and the logic behind various types of trading setups. Everyone in the market is continuously learning, including ourselves. Some of the traders keep coming back since they get to learn something new every time they visit our office and interact with us in person.

We are pleased to announce the third batch of our Online Traders’ Nest (OTNest).

What is OTNest:

Unlike the Traders’ NEST which is open on all trading days, this will be conducted only in batches.

After traders register to be a part of this, we will send them a link and we will be displaying Live market charts throughout the day along with Live market commentary from our in-house analysts (Abhijit Phatak, Raju Ranjan, B. Krishnakumar, Raghunath Reddy & Prashant Shah).

They will conduct regular sessions during the trading days and explain various concepts based on Live charts; actual trade ideas will not be posted, but most of the concepts will generate trading ideas for the participants. Participants can ask questions on any stock or instrument of their preference any time during these hours; at other times, Live charts will always be displayed on the screen.

Below are the other highlights and benefits of those enrolled at NEST

1. One-week structured discussion.

2. Key levels and list of stocks in momentum and how to interpret them

3. Trade setups and chart discussions during the day

4. Analysis of Indices, stocks and sectors on a daily basis.

5. Post-mortem session at 3:45 pm every day to discuss what happened and what can be expected for the next day

6. Free access to TradePoint with Real-time Future & Options (F&O) data

We will announce our next batch soon.

Please write us at to know more.