• Go to System Builder in BackTesting menu to create P&F systems
  • System Builder Window Will appear Click on P&F to create System
P&F system
  • Click on 'Add' to create a new system. List of patterns and indicators will get enabled
 . ​​​​step 2
  • Click on Add to view pattern or indicator from the available list
step 3
  • User has to assign column number to every condition
step 6
  • Column '0' is right most or latest column
design systems
  • One can define patterns or queries on different column numbers.
  • Default column is '0'.
  • Dynamic conditions can be selected from the box. Eg: box -price above / below moving  average

  • Give a name to system and click on 'OK' 

  • Click on Save. Click here to view video explaining the same​
P& F system builder