• : April 4, 2021
  • : B. Krishnakumar

P&F System Matrix & Pattern Counter

This week, I wanted to do an experiment using P&F System Matrix feature & the Pattern Counter feature. The idea here is to scan identify interesting candidates to go long based on 0.25% box size. I wanted to short list candidates which had either triggered a multi column breakout in 1% or a 100% bullish pole pattern in 1% or Turtle Breakout and a pull back in 3%.

I saved the stocks into a separate group where one of the above patterns were triggered in the box sizes mentioned above. This saved group was used in the Pattern Counter to short list interesting stocks in 0.25%. Here is the broad outline of the process.

The logic is pretty simple and straight forward. I am looking for my favourite patterns in bigger box size and then using the pattern counter feature to identify opportunities in those stocks where the trend ratio is high.

I am giving you some broad ideas. You can use any pattern, any box size combination that suits you. This post is meant to kindle your thought process and come up with more or better processes.

Here is a look at the list of candidates that look promising in 0.25% box size.

In the pattern counter, I have focused on stocks where the pattern is either consolidation or bullish retracement. In this combination, I focus on trend score of more than 30%. The other combination is Bullish Breakout for pattern but a Trend score of -10% to +10%. The idea here is to identify candidates that have triggered a breakout from a consolidation or minor pull back. Remember the context in bigger time frame is bullish.

Out of this list, personal favourites are VGUARD, SRF, KANSAINER, TATACOFFEE & Britannia. Let us have a look at the SRF chart before we wind up.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to better ideas and innovative concepts from your side.