Trading the Markets The Point & Figure Way

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Prashant Shah, one of the prominent Point & Figure analysts, has presented a wonderful method in the simplest possible way. His approach of making things objective and rule-based has lent a new dimension to the world’s oldest charting technique. 

This is a comprehensive book on trading and analysis using the Point and Figure methodology. The concepts are explained with many real-life chart examples from the Indian market. 

A peek into what you will find:

  • What is a Point & Figure chart and how to plot it? 
  • Basic and advanced price patterns with numerous chart examples, trading rules for all patterns. 
  • Simple and effective ways to identify trend. 
  • How to use P&F counts to arrive at high-probability price target. 
  • How to use traditional tools and indicators in P&F charts. 
  • High probability patterns to capture momentum stocks and sectors. 
  • Objective method to identify market outperformers using Relative Strength. 
  • A few indicators developed, by the author, exclusively for P&F charts. 
  • 20-years of Back-testing results of P&F patterns providing interesting market insights. 

Both experienced as well as novice can benefit from the concepts discussed. A thorough understanding of the contents of the book would help the reader reduce the noise and achieve consistent success in markets using the Point & Figure charts.

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