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Weekly Webinar On Fridays At 4:30 PM
  • : December 22, 2016
  • : B. Krishnakumar
We at Definedge.com have decided to host a Free Weekly Webinar, every Friday at 4:30 PM, to discuss set-ups and trades (that transpired during the week as well as the potential ones) in an hour-long session. I will be hosting the webinar and the objective is to discuss about Nifty Futures & Bank Nifty Futures using the Point & Figure Methodology.

We will share a few tips / tricks relating to Point & Figure charting and general technical analysis related topics as well.

Hope you would make use of this opportunity to sign up for the event. Please view this as an opportunity to get involved and learn about the Point & Figure methodology. Let me warn that you might be disappointed if you view this as a trading tips service or a quick-fire way to make money.